RenehaVis™ / KNEE PAIN: I had experienced increasing and disabling osteoarthritis pain in both my knees for several years. Other treatments did not help and I had been restricted to use of a walking stick. As an ex-pharmacist I researched the field and contacted LSP Bio when I heard about RenehaVis. As a new product I experienced trouble obtaining RenehaVis at first as there seems to be a bias against hyaluronic acid products due to the trial designs used to support claims of some of the other brands as well as an old NICE directive. Therefore my GP initially couldn't prescribe on the NHS due to budget issues but also told me a knee replacement might be needed. However LSP Bio helped me obtain my first trial and access to a health professional who would inject. After 2-3 weeks the improvement was dramatic in both knees and although I need an occasional top up injection I have been able to enjoy a much more active and pain free life for nearly 18 months now and even went on holiday to the USA which I was originally concerned about doing. On top of that my GP is now convinced it makes more sense than having an operation and prescribes it for me as it is approved on the Drug Tariff. For me RenehaVis has been a 'life saver' and I would recommend RenehaVis to all those with knee osteoarthritis. Len

SportVis™ / TENDINOPATHY: I just wanted to take a few minutes to write to you and say how pleased I am with SportVis.I train hard and lift heavy weights at the gym every day and had been troubled with Tennis Elbow for months. Physiotherapy had helped a little but I was struggling to get back to a full programme. My Physiotherapist suggested we try two SportVis injections. I was prepared to try anything and quickly booked in to make my appointment. The injection was pain free with only very slight discomfort and I was amazed at how quickly I made a recovery. Within 10 days, I had made a complete recovery and am now and back to full fitness. I am really pleased with the results - thank you. Anthony

SportVis™ / ANKLE SPRAIN: I stumbled down the last flight of stairs and landed awkwardly on my right ankle. After a few minutes I was in deep pain and started to use aspirin but there seemed to be little or no effect and having had a sprained ankle before I braced myself for a week or so of discomfort. A simple injection of SportVis about 3 hours after the accident had an instant pain relieving effect. I was able to carry on fairly normally for about a week by which time the pain and injury seemed to had gone. I'm not sure I had a particularly serious injury but I will never forget the instant pain relief I experienced and I am sure SportVis accelerated my recovery. Andrea