Patients - Frequently Asked Questions

What is epicondylitis?

Epicondylitis is commonly recognised due to the painful inflammation of the muscles and soft tissues (TENDON) around an epicondyle. Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow) are conditions that cause pain at the elbow. Activities where pain usually occurs include grasping, pushing, pulling and lifting. In severe cases, pain may even occur at rest.

What causes epicondylitis?

Epicondylitis is often due to the overuse of a joint – e.g. elbows. Repetitive movements and usage of the joint leads to microtears which result in pain.

Is epicondylitis common?

Epidemiological studies have shown that epicondylitis affects up to 3% of any population. Although commonly known as tennis or golfer’s elbow, epicondylitis is not limited to people who play these sports.

What are the symptoms of epicondylitis?

Pain around the epicondyle is often felt especially when extending the wrist under resistance. There will usually be tenderness around the area of the epicondyle where the pain is radiating from.

What is SportVis™?

SportVis™ is an injection that is administered by a medical professional that can help in your recovery from epicondylitis. There is no time constraint on when SportVis™ can be used in the case of epicondylitis. A 2nd administration of SportVis™ is recommended 1 week after the 1st injection.

Why do I need 2 injections?

Two injections represent the full treatment applied in the clinical studies which showed the enhanced efficacy of SportVis™.

Why is there a need for SportVis™?

To date, there has been no approved or functional treatment for epicondylitis apart from SportVis™. SportVis™ is now able to help you recover better and faster.

What are the current available options?

The most common treatment advised is rest, ice and compression. A strap is sometimes used as a compressive force just below the elbow to relieve the pain as that relieves the pressure on the tendon attachment. Other treatment options such as injecting a corticosteroid at the elbow are also sometimes practised. The corticosteroid is able to relieve the pain by an anti-imflammatory effect but this effect is only temporary and repeated administrations of corticosteroids should be managed with care.

Why should I ask for SportVis™?

SportVis™ was not created to displace the standard of care for epicondylitis. Instead, SportVis™ was designed to enhance the results of recovery and is meant to be used concomitantly with the standard of care which is rest, ice and compression. Due to the properties of STABHA™contained in SportVis™ pain relief may be achieved without systemic side effects and the repair process is optimised.

How do I regain my full abilities?

A clinical study showed that after the 2 injections (1 week apart) patients had a statistically significant reduction of pain at rest and when gripping. This relates to the increase in grip strength seen in the SportVis™ patient group. All these results lasted up to 1 year which was also the duration of the clinical study so longer term benefits may still be reported in the future. Another important aspect that was seen in the trial was “Time to return to pain-free and disability-free sport was 18 (± 11) days in the HA (SportVis™) group but was not achieved at all in the control group.” Regaining of full abilities varies from patient to patient. The clinical study has shown that patients who received SportVis™ recover faster and better than without it.

Can I prevent myself from getting epicondylitis again?

Epicondylitis is a chronic problem that is related to the wearing down of the tendon and muscle of the elbow. It is hard to avoid having epicondylitis again especially if the cause was a particular necessary daily activity.

However we feel that you will be able to benefit from SportVis™ if there is a recurrence.