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In this section you will find information on SportVis™ and its specific use in the treatment of epicondylagia.

Please also note that we have developed a 'Patient Information Sheet' for download for your patients (see 'Support') as well as an FAQ section in 'Patients'. There is also a video showing how to administer SportVis™ to a patient with epicondylagia. If you require further assistance, please contact us.


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Reduces Time to Recovery

A clinical study against placebo has shown that patients in the SportVis™ were able to return to sports within 18 (±11) days. This was not seen in the control group.
Clinical results:
Increased Grip Stregth

Increased Grip Strength
Increased Grip Strength

Lesser Pain when Gripping

Lesser Pain when Gripping
Lesser Pain when Gripping

Lesser Pain at Rest

Lesser Pain at Rest
Lesser Pain at Rest

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Improvement in the Quality of Healing

By interacting with the collagen fibres in the tendon, biocompatible SportVis™ facilitates the movement of fibres into their normal parallel alignment for faster healing. SportVis™ also acts as a structural support and lubricant at the injury site to improve the healing process.

Manage Pain and Swelling with a low probability of Systemic Side Effects

Hyaluronic Acid, also known as sodium hyaluronate, has an ancillary effect of reducing pain. SportVis™ containing STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted BIOCOMPATIBLE Hyaluronic Acid) will help reduce the pain in epicondylitis due to these ancillary effects with low probability of systemic side effects (none experienced during clinical trial and since the start of marketing globally).

Use of SportVis™ and Standard of Care

SportVis™ is a peri-articular injection

Injection for Epicondylitis
Injection for Epicondylitis

that should be administered by a trained medical professional. SportVis™ should be injected into the injury site and the 2nd injection to be administered 1 week after the 1st injection.

SportVis™ was designed to be used concomitantly with the standard of care - rest, ice and compression to enable the patient to regain mobility while experiencing reduced pain even faster.

How does SportVis™ work?

SportVis™ containing STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid) has been designed specifically to interact optimally with soft tissue ligaments and tendons due to its purity profile and biocompatibility. When STABHA™ is injected into the site of injury, it reacts rapidly and efficiently with the microtears in the tendon. STABHA™ acts thanks to a dynamic supporting feature as it helps align the collagen fibres and restores the morphological and functional characteristic of the tendon structure. STABHA™ also helps by providing the ECM (Extra Cellular Matrix) with the required Hyaluronic Acid to aid in healing.

By saturating the injury site with STABHA™, the full potential of its supportive role is achieved.

About SportVis™

The main content of SportVis™ is STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid).

SportVis™ is a registered product with the CE mark and both SportVis™ and the manufacturing process for STABHA™ are patented.

SportVis™ is used for treating epicondylitis as well as grades 1 and 2 ankle sprains. It is administered via a peri-articular injection into the site of injury using the fanning technique. The fanning technique helps to spread SportVis™ over a large surface area within the injury site to have optimal interactions with the microtears in tendons and torn ligaments.