LSP Bio proudly presents an innovative and 'best of class' range of UK manufactured and CE approved hyaluronic acid (HA) products, enabling new standards of relief in everyday treatment in knee osteoarthritis as well as tennis elbow and ankle sprain with SportVis™. Our website provides detailed information to healthcare providers, patients and procurement professionals, and we refer you to our product studies, practical support (e.g.videos demonstrating ease and safety of product use as well as mechanisms of action) and current case studies which confirm clinical, convenient (and economic) rationale for their use. (NB: This is key as despite NICE negativity towards HA products all evidence points to some HA products like RenehaVis and SporetVis having strong clinical value. e.g. see new Italian 1214 patient 'clinical study in everyday practice' showing increasing knee pain reduction with RenehaVis™ up to and beyond 6 months - see Support section and 'RenehaVis/Healthcare Professionals Studies' page). Also see which documents part of a TV documentary shown in Germany and the publicity generated there by the positive effects of RenehaVis. . However, if you need to know more please do not hesitate to contact us.

UK Product Availability: In addition to direct supply from LSP Bio for private patients with access to an injecting physician or physiotherapist our products are available via NHS Supply Chain contract (SportVis™ and RenehaVis™ were awarded 'Innovative Products' status as part of that process), and Williams Medical Supplies ( (Tel:01685 846666) the premier UK stockist.

Latest LSP Bio News:

* SportVis™ and RenehaVis™ UK Drug Tariff approved (ClassIXA - Devices) - RenehaVis™ as the only dual MW product in 'synovial fluids' class.

* 12 month efficacy CE-approved for single treatment RenehaVis™ in knee pain and joint degeneration, the longest for any HA product. Plus new SportVis™ data released in rotator cuff tendinopathy.

* SportVis™ awarded own class (Sodium Hyaluronate) in UK Drug Tariff due to its unique ankle and elbow indications.

RenehaVis™ provides the longest, strongest, fastest relief from pain and stiffness (and the most economic and convenient annualised benefit versus other products) due to knee joint degeneration and osteoarthritis

SportVis™ is a unique product offering the only evidence based and approved benefit to tennis elbow (extended relief) and ankle sprain (faster recovery and reduced incidence of recurrence)